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DV Tinman      Saturday, December 22, 2018

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     Fuck. Bo asked me if I would write something for a new section of the DV Radio website. He said it is to let you all into the world of the people who work and volunteer at DV. Now I am wondering what the actual fuck you all would care about.

     Well, shit. In my egotistical notion I think you all know about me, but maybe I should give you my credentials. I served 27 years in the Navy (let the gay jokes begin and I will respond with all the pics of Soldiers and Marines kissing each other). I like to say I started out as the number one shitter cleaner and ended up as the top shitter inspector. I did 17 years of my career enlisted. I served as a Fire Controlman and worked on a Gun Fire Control System aboard an ADAMS Class Destroyer for my first enlistment.

"What the fuck do we talk about in these things?"

     To be honest, I hated the Navy, got out, then realized what I hated about the Navy (besides Man Love Friday) I also hated about working. Always have a boss, always doing something you don’t want to, and I was in a world that didn’t have that brotherhood I only found in the military. Thanks to that little shindig called Desert Storm I was able to go back in. The ships I was on were being decommissioned so they re-trained me to be a Tomahawk Cruise Missile System technician. This is when I served aboard a TICONDEROGA Class Cruiser. After that, I went on to be an instructor for the weapons system, went to be part of the commissioning crew of a BURKE Class Destroyer, was part of Operation Desert Viper and Desert Fox on the maiden voyage, went to a Battle Group Staff, then a Numbered Fleet staff as the leading Tomahawk Systems technician.

"I was dealing with my PTSD, medicating it with 12 to 18 beers a day and then getting really drunk on the weekends."

     The Navy [somehow] thought I hadn’t reached my level of incompetence as a Senior Chief and commissioned me as an Ordnance Officer, Surface – Limited Duty. Went back to the same Cruiser as a Systems Test Officer, then went for a tour with as a Liaison with the USMC. Did 2 floats into Iraq with 2/1 and then 3/1, played Weapons Officer after that, then finished as an Ops then Chief Staff/Executive Officer for a sea mining staff.

     What the fuck do we talk about in these things? Well, I am sure this will degrade into random fuckery as it evolves, but I think I will start with a serious note. I can not tell you fuckers how much you have changed my life. I left the service pretty fucking broken. I was dealing with my PTSD, medicating it with about 12 to 18 beers a day and then getting really drunk on the weekends. I got divorced, I fucked up 2 relationships, made some fucked up decisions well beyond the ones that led to those things. Someone [then] pointed out this page [on Facebook] and I started following. I saw others having the same issues as me. I saw some great brothers and sisters giving them support, resources, advice, and, mostly, just an ear to let them know they weren’t alone. I reached a point that I realized I can’t drink. Don’t get me wrong, I like drinking and I love getting drunk, but I can’t. I am not a happy drunk. I am the one that wakes up wondering what fight I was in last night and wondering who wouldn’t be part of my life anymore. Right about that time, Recoil reached out to me saying he noticed that I was interacting with the page and giving some solid advice to those out there.

     I am willing to talk to anyone about the treatment I received. I am willing to tell anyone the shit that I did that I am ashamed of. I can’t change it and to actually move on, I had to own it.

     Now, let there be no mistake. I am a smart ass. If someone wants to be stupid, I will call them that. If they want to poke fun, I will poke back. If they get butt hurt when they start a banter-fest, I will just laugh and know they are the person that says, “I can take a joke!” because they really can’t, but know that they should be able to.

     If I ever tell you to “Go Fuck Yourself” you should know that I am calling you a brother/sister and will share blood, sweat and tears with you if you need me to do so. If I don’t consider you one of us, you won’t get a GFY, I will tell you to fuck off or something else. Vets will understand that.

Now, Go Fuck Yourself.

Article written by: DV Tinman - Residential Naval Tube Expert & DV Mod

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