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What Is Actually Happening?

From Your Sexy Beast Authors      Monday, April 15, 2019

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     What's actually going on with DVR Thoughts? Many of you do not know that the team behind DVR Thoughts is made up of Dysfunctional Veterans, DV Radio, very close affiliates of the aforementioned and a few other people that you've never met. [All respectfully of course.]
     In the latest BARRACKS TALK episode, Bo touched on this a little bit to give you an idea as to why no new articles have gotten to you as of late. [Click here for the latest podcast episode.]
     PTSDog, SpookyCat, DV Fox and Bo Nur Wood working diligently to get a brand new and original Sunday morning radio show to you directly on With that, a few are also working on bringing you a new [also original] noir show. The latter will be an episodic parody of the early 1900's radio detective shows mixed with your dark sense of Veteran humor and the episodes may or may not flow into each other. Either way, we're having a fun time putting the scripts together and we're going to start recording very soon.
     We appreciate each and every last one of you that do come here and read the articles and share them with friends, family and in your fellow groups across social media. Bo is also going to be getting a few interviews from affiliates with DV Radio such-as Ubora Coffee, Objective Zero, Night Cat Productions, and a few others. It'll be available in audio and transcription where the typed version may have a few extra easter eggs you may not have known or couldn't hear in the audio version.
     If any of you have something you'd like for us to write about, see what our opinions are on a topic, or any other thing that comes to your screwed up brain then please feel free to contact us by filling out our contact form here!
     Thank you all for your support and patience.
Article written by: Your Sexy Beast Authors

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