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What Happened To Dysfunctional Veterans?

Bo      Monday, October 18, 2021

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You might be surprised to know that Dysfunctional Veterans has not left, ever. Did we have a 2+ million social media page that reached 60+million zapped by a dick-bag? Yup. Have we had people leave? You betcha. Do we still have a 501(c)3 non-profit located in Gilsum, New Hampshire? You better believe. Is there still a podcast with live shows happening on a frequent basis? Damn skippy, Jack!


Some people believe that [just because] they don’t see DV6 posting every five minutes that the Dysfunctional Veterans has been nuked off of the face of the planet, some of you would like that though. We’re not going any-damn-where. Do we still have a Dysfunctional Veterans store that you can go to at a moment’s notice? No, because people are fuck-buckets and like to hurt those that extend a helping arm. Are you still able to purchase “DV Gear” here and there? Just follow us on the social media pages (and other places, here) and you’ll know when it’s available.

Have we lacked on keeping things rotating here at DVR Thoughts? Mhm. And we sure as hell apologize but people have lives, people are doing things to keep their families in order, and so much more. When we're able to get something up, we will. We'd love to have articles coming at you nonstop but, right now, it's just not something that is easily done. Don't fret though! We're working on getting some stuff to you so you can read it, say some stupid stuff, and move on to the next thing you see that pops up in your news feed.

DV Radio is still going and shows no signs of stopping either. There’s a DV Radio Store and, even though we’ve lost some hosts and we only one show in rotation at the moment, they made a vow to continue unless it was just not viable for them any longer. They keep their promises. They’re looking for hosts for shows (NOT FOR BARRACKS TALK), people that are willing to lend their voice(s) to advertisements and stories (for things like DV AGAINST DV), and independent artists that want their music heard by anybody that has access. (You can contact them at if you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc.)

The DV Farm is still going strong thanks to the donations of you, those that reach out and give us the chance to help our fellow brethren when other places are just not the right fit. We still do not get any Federal funding nor grants but that isn’t to say we won’t at some point in the future. We rely, solely, on donations from the public so if you’re unsure on how to help us continue and want to be someone (if you’re the spot to do so) to give, head over to to find out the multiple ways to help in a monetary way. “But I can’t give money!!” That’s perfectly fine. If you have social media, spread the WORD. If you have an extra buck next check, you can even grab a “ROAD TO RECOVERY” t-shirt here. There’s more than ONE WAY to give back, and giving money isn’t always the best for everyone. Hell, the social media fundraisers (birthday fundraisers, etc.) help us so much that we cannot express our thanks to each and every one of you!

So, you see? Even though Super Vets, dickbag employees, assholes, people that spread exceptionally untrue rumors have failed at bringing us down. We’re still here and yeah, we may not be making millions but we’re happy. We’re doing what we care about, we’re making changes [although little], and we make a difference in people’s lives. To hear somebody say, “DV Radio saved my life.” Or have someone shake your hand say, “DV6, you’re a true inspiration. Thank you.” This isn’t feedback, this is reality and it’s our paycheck. Would it be nice to be sitting on a throne of gold while throwing $100 bills into the and eating Kobe beef every meal? FUCK YUH! However, we never sat out to become famous or rich. If we did, none of us that are still here now would have stayed because a lot of us could be making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Think about that the next time you’d rather spread a rumor while you’re working for a civilian whose business model is to claim that business is Veteran Owned.

Anyway, thank you all for your continued support and being beside us through the bullshit and not giving up on us. Thank you to the Staff that is still here and doesn’t expect a mansion in return. You are all what motivates us (the Staff) and so long as it makes sense, there’s still a mission to be completed, and we’re breathing... We’re still here, fucksicles!!

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Article written by: DV Bo Nur Wood - C.O.O., host and back-door cripple for DV Radio, LLC.

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