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What Are These Articles About?!

From Your Sexy Beast Authors      Sunday, January 6, 2019

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A few of us got together and decided to say “Screw the sports section!” and we did.

     That said; Marquis Davis wanted to write about sports so we threw those articles into the “Miscellaneous” and “G.F.Y.” sections of DVR Thoughts. Then we thought, “We need to explain what G.F.Y. is about..” So down below, you’ll find a semi-introduction as to what this section is all about. Granted, we threw Marquis’ sports articles in here as well, the other stuff is what this is all about.


     Fuck Fire Missions Scenario: You get in a fight on Facebook. You can’t win because, well it’s Facebook and nobody every changes their mind on Facebook. You decide “I will get everyone on this page with over 1.5 million people to go harass them.” You gave them what they wanted. You put their message in front of the people they wanted to piss off. You gave them the attention their mom has denied them since she pulled the tit out of their 17.926 year old mouth and moved them into the basement. You validate that they won with every message and comment they get from the clear thinking drunk fuckers coming in as back up. Fire missions are stupid. People who post fire missions are Vetflakes.


     Don't look a gift horse in the wooden nickle. Seriously. For one, where'd the damned horse get a nickel, anyway? From the monkey? Speaking of monkeys, if you ever thought of asking DVR for advice, monkeys would be a better bet.

[Bo Nur Wood]

Someone asked me one time, “Why do you talk that way?!” I just told them to sit on their thumb, wiggle it and spin without any lube. Another person, later on in life, told me they how grateful they were that I was in-charge of them years ago. They also said that I was their inspiration to do certain things and the reason why they’re doing what they are today. That’s what G.F.Y. is all about. It’s about sarcastic and REAL life advice. And sometimes advice you didn’t even know you needed. That’s minus Marquis’ sports articles. If he makes enough, we’ll make a section just for that. Until then, they’re in this dark spot of the internet. Now, until next time, fucksicles… Bi-biiiiiiiiii!!


     None of that really helped you? It's okay, just read the articles posted here from now until the end of time and try to figure it out. We still have no clue what in the hell we're doing.


Article written by: Your Sexy Beast Authors

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