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From Your Sexy Beast Authors      Friday, December 21, 2018

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     Every once in a while we get thoughts into our heads that we need someone else to hear. Instead of you actually hearing it, we decided to make you use those two round spheres just above that big, black hole you use every Saturday night next to the dumpster behind the Chinese restaurant. I kid, I kid!

     What you've landed on is the DVR Central Thoughts Headquarters. What does that mean? It means that you will find article pieces [all opinions unless otherwise noted] from fellow brothers & sisters. Unless it's needed for us to talk about, we're staying away as far as possible on politics and "what's happening" in the news. This doesn't mean that some topics we talk about WILL NOT involve one of those, or both, but we will not push an agenda on you like the MSM whatsoever. If any of us feel we are doing that, we will certainly make it clear what the article is facilitaing towards.

     Each and every last author [again, unless noted] are purely volunteering their time, thoughts, "wismatic" and colorful typing talent to you, the person that is currently perusing this site.

    We encourage you to throw in your two-cents and even let us know what you'd like to hear [although you're still reading!] our thoughts on subjects are, if you have something. From serious issues plaguing the Veteran & Service Member community to simple things like humor, entertainment, technology and a number of things we or you might think of.

     With that said, go ahead and flip through the articles with your thumb, index finger, or even your mouse if that's your choice of technological advanced poisoning.


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