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DV Radio Admin      Thursday, May 9, 2019

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     That's right, DV Radio is looking for you!! Well that is, if you're a Veteran or some type of emergency responder and would like to do a show/podcast for DV Radio.
     We're not fully capable of paying you in the way of dollars at the current moment but we can pay you with a fellowship, doing what you want to do, love to do, and giving your fellow brothers & sisters something they're interested in hearing weekly, bi-weekly, or whatever the case may be.
     The objective mission for DV Radio is quite simple:
     We strive to make sure our brothers, sisters, caretakers, and civilian listeners that support the Armed Forces are having fun with a dose of reality. DV Radio is not PC but we have basic rules [find those at the end of this paragraph] that are just morally right. At DV Radio, it's important to us that you forget your demons and make sure you're not in a dark place. Whether it's half an hour on a Sunday or two hours on Wednesday, our listeners are what keeps us going and we want to make sure they keep going. Contrary to popular belief, we're in it to keep 22 A Day at virtually 0 and giving you an escape. The rest that comes to us is just extras.
Basic Rules for Shows/Segments on DV Radio
  1. No discrimination for any reason. We joke, yes we do, but there is a VERY FINE line between joking and going after someone because of race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, etc. If we feel that a part of your show or segment isn't a joke [and yes, we know the difference and we've heard every excuse in the book] we will either edit it out or put your show/segment on probation. After that, you will be canceled.
  2. Suicidal triggers. Again, there is a VERY FINE line between joking and telling someone to do something as horrific as this. This is one thing that will get you canceled faster than when Liberal tears rained down upon America when their Hillary lost her election. Simply put, don't do it.
  3. No bashing of any companies or individuals. What we mean by this is groups, companies and individuals that are not headline news. If it isn't in the news then do NOT say something such-as, "There's this company called Delta-69 Bravo Operator Machine Door Gunners that are complete bull. They will do anything to make a buck and stiffing you on merchandise is just the start!" What would be acceptable is if it is in a news headline from your media sources; local, national and international. If you are sure you can do one of two things: Don't talk about it. OR ask us at DV Radio if it's okay to speak about.
  4. Family comes first. We don't care what's going on with DV Radio, if your family needs you then your family needs you. We understand and we have our own personal lives. Just because we volunteer 99% of our life to this doesn't mean we don't have personal lives we deal with on a daily basis. From wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, fiancées, step children and all that are in-between, we have those same problems. Some of us just hide it and you will never know about it. That said; let us know and don't just ghost on us. We'll think you're starting up your own t-shirt company and we'll make fun of you.
     Everyone has their own life so we completely understand making a schedule and all of that jizz-jazz. So what are the qualifications?
  • Must be a Veteran or emergency responder [Fire fighter, law enforcement, EMS, etc.]
  • Have the ability to record IE: Have a computer as well as some type of microphone.
  • Take it serious but have fun doing it.
  • E-mail us a five minute dry run demo of your show pitch. [If it's a segment that you would like to incorporate then please give us 25% of that time in a demo. IE: 15 minute segment = 3 minutes 45 seconds of a demo.] ALL DEMOS MUST BE IN MP3 FORMAT FOR US TO ACCEPT YOUR APPLICATION!!
  • Set time aside for a one-on-one meeting with Bo, DV6 and anyone else that they may want you to speak with. This is so we can question you a bit further for our own personal fap bank. [We just like to know whom we're dealing with on a little more of a personal basis.]
  • Last but not least - Along with your demo, give us a brief outline of what your show/segment pitch is. Why will it be a good fit for DV Radio and its listeners? Let us know if you already have a sponsor and whom it is. [We do not ask for any compensation whatsoever to air on DV Radio at this moment in time. What you make for YOUR show is YOURS. If you'd like to give to DV Radio, we would appreciate it and we will speak about that in the interview process.]
  • You retain any and all rights unless we reach another agreement. If this is an original idea, we will discuss who has the rights to what, etc. If this is an already established show/segment then we just ask that we be able to continue broadcasting your content as we see fit.
  • You MUST be willing to sign an NDA as well as a show/audio agreement with DV Radio, LLC.
     So, are you ready? Do you meet those basic qualifications? Don't worry about needing software and all of that, we'll help you out. We just want to make sure you have essential basics and the rest we can workout. We promise, we're not going to make you dump thousands of dollars on something or give us all of your money from a sponsor, that's not how we work.
     We're waiting for you. The man, the woman. We want your voice on DV Radio where it will be heard by thousands and, hopefully in the future, millions. This is your place to be yourself while helping your brothers & sisters escape reality for a few minutes. Come join us. Be a part of the DV Radio Family today.



Article written by: DV Radio Admin -  Those dummies that think they're cool because they have an online radio station for their fellow brothers & sisters and ask nothing in return.

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