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Video Games Are To Blame

Bo Nur Wood      Friday, February 1, 2019

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     Today’s episode of Dr. Phil on ABC is about how video games affect a child’s mind. It seems like we’re repeating history OR is it responsibility that plays a hand in all of this?


     I’m all for kids playing video games, having time to have fun, letting them be kids. Why is that wrong? Over the last few years we’ve gone back into the “Entertainment is to blame!” mantra. We’ve went back to it? Yes. We have. Did we ever leave it? I can’t say yes or no. But we also have social media and the Main Stream Media to blame in this age of technological advances for these “studies” as well as theories.


     Marijuana wasn’t a bad thing until a white-supremacist in the early 1900s began the “Reefer Madness” movement. Think of that movement as you would the Prohibition era. Literally. Marijuana wasn’t the problem but it became a problem out of the greediness of power over people. The same is true for rock and roll when it came onto the scene. It’s new sound, “sexual movements” [As they were called] and even the clothes and lyrics were taken out-of-context by parents, clergymen, and everyone that was able to push an agenda. Just like those three “movements”, video games have been targeted since the 1990s when rap and heavy metal were targeted.




     In 2005, your favorite Democratic female decided that video games were harming this nation’s youth. That’s right, Hillary Clinton launched a campaign to crack down on these violent, mentally discouraging video games. Now I do like the fact that the best thing to come out of her campaign was a ratings system i.e.: everyone, mature, adults only. What was the worst part is the fact that she blamed video games for the violence and that video games are not art. She said in 2005 when asked if video games have merit as art, “Art is subjective. I’m not in any way trying to do away with video games. I’m strictly concerned with a small subset of games that are harmful to children – those that are excessively violent and sexually explicit.”


     As we all know, art is subjective to each and every last person. What isn’t subjective is other art forms. I guarantee you that if you ask her and other people that push this “VIDEO GAMES ARE THE PROBLEM!” mentality, they would tell you that a naked statue with his dick and balls visible or a naked woman in a painting having her nipples grabbed is art. How is that art and video games with explicit imagery or sayings not? Again, art is subjective but who decides what art is? No one but yourself. I don’t think crumpling up aluminum foil and wielding together a few pieces of metal then slapping it all together is art yet, others do. Art is based off opinion, not fact.


     Now I’m not saying you should let your child spend 24-hours a day on a computer, tablet or other device and play video games. No. That is NOT okay by any stretch of the imagination. I’m also not telling you to be a helicopter parent and make sure they don’t hear “Fuck, ass, tits, shit, whore” and a whole plethora of other words. Words aren’t bad, society made them bad.


     Monitor your children and let them have a couple of hours a day or week to play video games. With that in mind, watch what they play and hear. Tell them what is okay and what is not. If your child is four and playing FortNite, don’t let them use the VoIP inside the game and sit with them as they play the game. Not only for watching what they hear or see but because there’s this thing called “sexual predators” and they are real. It’s been reported that children have been abused [to some extent or another] by sick, sadistic people that play these video games in an effort to find kids. Yes, kids. That’s under the age of eighteen. You’d be surprised how easily it is to manipulate a child’s mind through a headset.


     With all of that in mind, set boundaries for your kid(s). Today’s episode of Dr. Phil was about how this child was in-charge. The mother had to ASK if she could go to the grocery store or out to with someone. The mother is an idiot for one. Secondly, you need to learn to parent and stop putting the blame on the government, entertainment, and the teachers. People are hypocritical when it comes to today’s parents. “I want the government to give my child an education but you better not touch them and make them behave!!” You want something with no strings attached? And from your government? You are what’s wrong with this world.


     It all comes down to taking responsibility and knowing how to be a grown adult with responsibility that you now have a child and need to teach/raise them. They cannot learn without being taught and you cannot parent without being responsible. You were adult enough to have sex and give birth, you should be adult enough to teach that child the ins and outs of life without being a psychotic asshole about it.


     Whether you agree with the things I’ve said or not, I hope you take away that life is full of responsibility and putting it on someone or something else does not negate the fact that YOU are the first one responsible for your actions, your parenting, and your children until they’re a certain age. If you spank, timeout, or have another way that works [and isn’t abusive] for your parenting then beautiful. Share it with the world and help some of these that might be lost.


     There is not a book on parenting and Dr. Spock had nothing else better to do than capitalize off of a generation, but you can be the one that helps your friends and family that might not have a bearing on how to parent. There is no shame in helping and there is no shame in saying, “I raised that child like that. No one is to blame but myself.” But you should be ashamed if you lay blame to others.


     Until next time fucksicles, bi-iiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!


Article written by: DV Bo Nur Wood - C.O.O., host and back-door cripple for DV Radio, LLC.

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