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Throughout Life, We Are Given Many Choices...

Marquis Davis      Sunday, December 30, 2018

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DV Radio was given Marquis Davis.


     Yes, as the resident “black” man on the station Marquis finds little solace in the mundane meaning of entertainment. What does that even mean? Are we sure, he is even “black”? Well, Marquis is sure, and because of that assurance, he would like to tell you about himself and how he came to be…….

     The legends of his birth are whispered in the sounds of silence slowly echoing throughout the abyss overflowing through the gaping coils of mystery. However, let us not start there; Marquis is just a simple fellow with significant opinions that he dares others to question. Having served in the United States Army for 10(ish) years dropping steel rain from the backwoods of Fort Stewart to the sandy plains of Iraq, he ventured to be different. Fleeing with his maidservant in the year of our Lord 2008, she bore him five young-lings in which to carry his name.

     This further bolstered his dogmatic approach to favorite topics of the conversation thus leading him into the “Radio Industry” in the year of our Lord 2015. If you have never heard a segment, show, or filibuster by Marquis Davis, you are missing an epic eargasmic event of opinionated political orotundity that has not been heard since the days of Sir Joseph McGowan III of Rivenspire. Speaking on such subjects as Veteran Homelessness, Suicide, Political Differences, Cultural miscues and other BRILLIANT topics Lamborghini Diaper-Bag, Marquis’s royally decreed name, thinks of.

     Enjoy the Articles and remember Marquis Davis is probably thinking of an argument right now.


Article written by: Marquis Davis; residential black man whom uses words that most folk have no clue the meaning to.

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