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PTSDog      Sunday, December 30, 2018

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I spent nearly 15 years in the U.S. Navy, and they were years well spent.


     During my time, I was stationed aboard two aircraft carriers, saw five overseas deployments,

four of which were to the Gulf, and participated in major disaster relief efforts after the tsunami

hit Southeast Asia in 2004.


     As a Navy Journalist, my job was unique. I got to visit with and understand the jobs of all the

other Sailors on board, from the bridge and primary flight control all the way down to the main

engine spaces. I produced photos, video, radio interviews, and news articles highlighting what

my brothers and sisters were doing as we sailed across the world, launching aircraft to support

ground missions and reinforce no fly zones over Iraq, ensuring freedom of navigation on the

seas, and, of course, visiting foreign ports in amazing places.


     Upon returning to land, things happened, and, ultimately, the Navy told my that I was no longer

medically fit to serve. That began a new and very difficult journey - discovering that I had PTSD,

and finding a way to move forward and grow once I understood what was going on in my brain.


     I made it my mission to help educate, support, and advocate for my brothers and sisters who

choose to use a Service Dog to assist with their disability. I had the good fortune to fall in with

the crowd at DV, and our mutually supportive relationship has, I sincerely hope, benefitted us

all. I will do anything I can to assist my brothers and sisters when it comes to dealing with the

issues that accompany using a Service Dog as part of their recovery from PTSD.


     I am not an expert - but I realized early on that there was no "one stop shop" for knowledge

about PTSDogs, or the ADA, and that Veterans were struggling because the information could

be so difficult to find. My training in the Navy gave me the knowledge and skills to do the

research and put together the resources so that I could get it into Veterans' hands.


     I'm, grateful for the opportunity to join this team, and I hope we can create an entertaining and

informative forum as part of the DV Radio family.


Article written by: PTSDog - DV & DV Radio's Expert Service Animal

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