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Taylor Swift: Is She Recording OR Performing?

Bo Nur Wood      Thursday, November 14, 2019

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     With the world of technology we live in today, it’s (literally) the easiest it has ever been to become a recording artist of any kind. Whether you want to do it for fun, become a legend, or join a huge record label – the software, equipment, apps, it’s all there for your ease of access.

     Earlier today I was perusing the social media world and came across the hashtag “#IStandWithTaylor”. Being Bo, I decided to click on it and see what it was about. Most of the “trending” on Twitter that I come across has to do with some Japanese boy-band, Colombian political bullshit, or something that is of no bearing on any American (Veteran or Civilian) whatsoever. This however was something completely different. (A few images below of what is trending with this hashtag.)
     If you didn’t already know, it was about Taylor Swift being invited to the American Music Awards (AMA) as they are honoring her with the “Artist of the Decade Award” during this year’s ceremony. (I’m not going to crack jokes about Taylor in this story, so please don’t expect it.) For herself, her fans, and to show her appreciation to the AMAs, she decided to make a “smash-up” like moment and do a “history singing” with all of her songs (I’m sure it’s the ones that made the most impact on herself and fans) throughout the years. Whether or not she deserves this award, being an artist and creator myself, this is something that sounds beautiful and fun for (again) herself and her fans as well as those at the AMAs.
     In Taylor Swift’s original tweet she says that Scott Borchetta (her ex-label boss) and Scooter Braun (purchaser of her back catalog of music) are saying that she cannot “rerecord” any of her songs until next year. No one (to my knowledge) has seen any of her contracts in the public that she signed with either Borchetta or Braun however, I’m almost certain that in either contract where it says she is unable to rerecord any song until XYZ of a certain year, that she would not even think about doing what she has mentioned at the AMAs.
     Now, let’s look at the definition of “Rerecording”, shall we? In the Merriam-Webster dictionary (image below) it says, “to record (something, such as sound) again”. Although this is probably going to be broadcast to millions at home and online while be recorded in video format, I’m almost positive that this is only a performance and NOT a recording. That's where, you know? You sit in a booth and look at a microphone that may or may not have Googly Eyes to make you feel at ease and sing into it while someone presses a button that says “record” and then you release it to the public.
     I’m in the entertainment business as far as I want to be currently (although that million dollar sponsor and some money for all of my work would be nice from time-to-time) and I could be wrong as to the “legal” aspects of what a “rerecording” actually is. HOWEVER (!!), she is NOT rerecording anything. She is SIMPLY PERFORMING SONGS ON A PUBLIC STAGE. She clearly states, in her tweet, that she is being told she CANNOT rerecord ANY OF HER SONGS until NEXT YEAR. So, where’s the problem at Scooter and Scotty? Yes, I just said Scooter and Scotty in a very condescending way. Sue me. You have no case. And, unless you’re willing to make a public ass of yourselves, I doubt you’re going to sue Taylor and the AMAs for her performance. Granted, Stormy Daniels said that she was triggered by Trump’s and her past yet… She was on SNL making a mockery of the entire court proceedings and so much more. (Also, she then denied 99.9% of any of what she claimed happened... come up with your own verdict.) So, I guess Scooter and Scotty might do the same. I don’t know, they sound like dickheads to me honestly.
     Look, I know that myself and the DV Radio hosts hack on Taylor from time-to-time. We do, I’ll be the first to admit it. I joke about almost anyone that I can because the great part about life is that we can laugh at any and everything. This, this however is not a joke. Everyday I see a recording label, ASCAP, BMI, Warner Group, Universal Music Publishing Group, Island Records, BMG Rights Management, ABC, NBC, CBS, and so many others going after people A) For their OWN music that they either have not sold to a company other than asking them to help release it or they need marketing B) Knocking down every person that draws inspiration from a song or piece of art and embeds a bit of it into their own work of art C) Wants to own the rights to everything until the apocalypse happens. I get it. Money. It makes the washing machine clean your suit, I get it. Not one thing has entered the public domain, thank you Disney, since the mid 1960s. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Gooseegg. And no, just because it’s in a search engine’s search results does NOT MAKE IT PUBLIC DOMAIN! (The definition is down below.) Why does that even matter? Because if you want to build upon Mickey Mouse in your own way, either you pay a boatload of money to Disney, you make it so it is not resembling Mickey Mouse in any way (shape or form) or you move on to the next thing.
     “But Tim Burton made two movies about Alice in Wonderland!” He sure did and you know what? It is in the public domain. Almost every last nursery rhyme you know or have heard of is, in fact, available for you to do what you wish with. Hence, the ABC television series “Once Upon a Time”. Want to make a joke about M&M’s using the red and yellow M&M? Tough shit, you’ll get sued and a cease and desist order. (A little bit of this IS exaggerated, but you catch my point.. right?)
     The lack of creative evolution is mind-boggling to me. Without classical music, we wouldn’t have gotten the blues. Without the blues, we’d never have had rock. Without rock, you’d not have pop-rock. Without blues and jazz, you’d never have gotten hip-hop or R&B. Without the Mona Lisa, you may not have gotten Andy Warhol. Take away just one of those and all of today’s entertainment and art would be completely different.
     I understand owning rights to your own work, I completely understand it!! I’d be beyond pissed if someone took something I’d made for Dysfunctional Veterans, DV Radio or the DV Farm just to make something for themselves and said they done it all on their own… ASK ME FOR PERMISSION!! Nine times out of ten, I’ll say yes. We do not make one dime from anything we do for you all but that doesn’t give YOU the right to just steal it. I also have never signed anything to someone that said I couldn’t use my logo for years so I can’t speak on behalf of what Taylor’s feeling but I do know that it sounds like little Scooter and Scotty 2 Hotty has gotten a bit big for their breeches. Seriously. From what Taylor Swift tweeted out, it looks as though they ARE trying to control much more than they have a hand on.
     Whether you’re a voice-actor, music artist, paint, build models, do podcasts, I don’t give a damn – I implore you RIGHT NOW to either sign with yourself (that’s somewhat a joke, I just mean to do it on your own for a while), sign with an indie label that you know isn’t going to grasp you with handcuffs and pull a “BDSM” moment on you, or make sure that you own the rights that you need now and the foreseeable future so no one can tell you (fully) what to do. Again, I have no clue what any of her contracts with these two guys state but I can almost, again, guarantee that this is not in there.
     Earlier, I tweeted out (tagging Taylor Swift adding my own hashtag of #ISitWithTaylor... I'm disabled, shut up!) some of this and that we at DV Radio are here for her. We are. That isn’t a joke, a stretch, it’s not even close to an exaggeration. We are going to help artists of any magnitude because we are artists ourselves and understand the struggles. We aren’t a multi-million dollar company, we only recently just bought buttons/pins for our listeners to grab on Patreon, and I honestly have nothing to show for what I’ve done in the past five years except your words on how it has helped you and/or your family.
     No matter your thoughts on Taylor and her music, she doesn’t deserve this nor does anyone else. It’s performance, at most, and these two twatdooldes need to get their heads out of their fourth-point of contact and let the girl enjoy her ceremony at the AMAs. I’m going to say it right now, Taylor, if you’re reading this or happen to stumble upon it for any reason, all of us at DV Radio would be more than happy to do something with/for you and this beautiful and amazing night. However you want to celebrate with your fans, let us know, we’d be more than welcoming to you and all of them. We’ll even invite you, and I am right now, to be on Music Therapy as soon as we get it started.
     To Taylor Swift, her family, and to anyone that has ever had this type of total nonsense happen – I apologize and hope that it works out for the better. Don’t sit back, don’t take it, and let people know what art truly is. Art isn’t owned by anyone at the end of the day other than the person whom made it, let’s keep it that way and only until they have left this world should we take it upon ourselves to make it into something different. (That’s just my two cents though...)

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Article written by: DV Bo Nur Wood - C.O.O., host and back-door cripple for DV Radio, LLC.


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