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Return to Dog [PART 4]

DV SpookyCat      Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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Kissing A Lot of Frogs
     It’s been a long wait. I lost my dog in January and pushed the button for TADSAW to restart the search for my next dog, less than a month later. That search came with new criteria and several restrictions. The next three months were marked with vacillation, indecision, doubt, and resignation. I went from “Small floofy dog” to “any dog”. I was even ready to give up my 65-pound weight limit and my breed restrictions. “Who needs to fly anyhow, right?”
     I found a couple candidates at a shelter and that went HORRIBLY, thanks to a couple wannabe dog trainers that think service dogs are all about rainbows and unicorn farts. I finally gave up the ghost and subscribed to ALL the animal rehoming pages in my state and put out the offer to do statewide transports for in need dogs. Once I had some equity with a couple rescuers (not rescues), I told them what I was looking for and opened the door to fosters, providing I be allowed to “foster fail” for the right dog.
     After the first transport, they started letting me meet dogs before they were put up. I kissed a lot of frogs the past month. First, was the ever present neurotic black lab mix. Meh. Then came a haze of other large and mildly inappropriate dogs. One was scared of everything. One was probably going to be 150 pounds. Then came the puppies… hound puppies! I transported both litters from a bad situation, and fostered half of the second one. I’m glad I did this. I was growing desperate and had nearly caved to the urge to buy a puppy. I had barely pulled into the street, when the panic, regret, and certainty hit. I STILL do not like puppies.
     Finally, a couple weeks ago, I got a text at 8pm. “I got a schnauzer. Do you want to meet him?” I drug my husband over to this woman’s house five minutes later. It was a good meet and greet. We agreed that I’d finish fostering the puppies til they were parasite free and could go to their new homes. Then, I’d foster to adopt. This is fancy talk for “get him out of her house and hopefully keep him.” When I left that night, there was no regret, anxiety, or buyer’s remorse. It was like the switch was flipped and *POOF* my new service dog will be here in a few days. It’s not how I thought it’d go, the second time around, but I’m glad I went this route.
     Every fiber of my being just knew he was mine. Stay tuned for Part 5. I’ll talk about my new doggo’s challenges and the one I’m facing with TADSAW’s minimum weight limit.
Article written by: DV SpookyCat; She doesn't purr but she will tell you if you're an asshole.

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