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Music Therapy, What Is It?

DV Radio Admin      Thursday, May 23, 2019

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     If you've not been following DV Radio on Facebook, Twitter or haven't heard the last few episodes of BARRACKS TALK then you've missed hearing we're going to be starting a Music Therapy block in the coming weeks.
     Currently, we're still working on formatting, how we'll approach it, as well as making things better for you all in the future. We are allowing priority to those of you that, unless otherwise noted, give one dollar via DV Radio's Patreon to have priority when it comes to songs played. We will vet songs and follow our protocol as we do with others shows IE: Triggers, racism, etc. As with any music, what you get from each song is going to be different than another person's but we do try our best to keep things as minimal as possible.
     In the future, hopefully very near future, we are planning on having guest artists [civilians as well as Veterans] on via video during Music Therapy to play acoustic covers, talk about how music has helped them cope, and for Patreon members -- you will be able to have a Q&A after Music Therapy and, in some instances, be able to see behind-the-scenes before, during and after.
     We do hope this is something you all will be a part of as it is completely free for anyone that wants to partake but do be aware that we are and will be offering a little more via Patreon. Why? We are doing this as a service and those that partake on the show [guests, admins, etc.] are doing this completely voluntarily and this costs us money at the end of the day from our pockets.
     DV Radio does not and is not asking for you to give your last penny and we insist that you take care of your personal business before you ever consider giving your money to ANY group, nonprofit or organization. However, if you're able to give a dollar or more then we would greatly appreciate it. Know that every last cent goes back into DV Radio first and foremost. No one, currently, makes any salary whatsoever through your donations.


NOTE: No one at DV Radio, LLC [or under any “DV” moniker] is a licensed Music Therapist nor do they claim to be. If you are seeking a professional environment with a licensed professional we encourage you to use the resources we have provided and thoroughly vetted.


What is Music Therapy?
  • Music Therapy is an evidence proven healthcare service that uses music as a therapeutic means to battle and address physical, psychological, cognitive and social functioning of its clients from young to old.
  • Due to its powerful and non-invasive intercession, a vast and unique end of outcomes are vastly possible. In addition to its applications with hospital patients, music therapy is used successfully with persons of all ages and disabilities.
Who Can Benefit From Music Therapy?
  • From any age, any person(s) with psychological ailments, developmental/learning disabilities, Alzheimer's and many other age related conditions as well as substance [drugs, alcohol, etc.] TBI, physical as well as acute and chronic pain including mothers in labor.
    • Many other diagnoses include: Respiration, diabetes, physical rehabilitation, headaches, cardiac conditions, surgery and many other.s
    • Research resulst and clicincal experiences attest to the viability of music therapy even in those patients resistant to other treament methods.
How can music therapy techniques be applied by healthy individuals?
  • Healthy individuals can use music for stress reduction via active music making, such as drumming, as well as passive listening for relaxation. Music is often a vital support for physical exercise. Music therapy assisted labor and delivery may also be included in this category since pregnancy is regarded as a normal part of women's life cycles.
What is the future of music therapy?
The future of music therapy is promising because state of the art music therapy research in physical rehabilitation, Alzheimer's disease, and psychoneuroimmunology* is documenting the effectiveness of music therapy in terms that are important in the context of a biological medical model.


For more information about Music Therapy, find out how it can help you, or if you’re interested in becoming a licensed Music Therapist please visit



NOTE: No one at DV Radio, LLC [or under any “DV” moniker] is a licensed Music Therapist nor do they claim to be. If you are seeking a professional environment with a licensed professional we encourage you to use the resources we have provided and thoroughly vetted.


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*psychoneuroimmunology psy·cho·neu·ro·im·mun·ol·ogy (sī'kō-nū'rō-im'ū-nol'ō-jē),

An area of study that focuses on emotional and other psychological states that affect the immune system, rendering the patient less or more susceptible to disease or the course of a disease.

[psycho- + neuro- + immunology]

Article written by: Your DV Radio Hosts & Staff

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