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Marines and Project Lifesaver Team Up to Protect Officers During Land Nav Exercises

DV SpookyCat      Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Marines and Project Lifesaver Team Up to Protect
Officers During Land Nav Exercises
     We’ve all heard the jokes about the Marine LT that couldn’t find his way out of a paper sack. Not all jokes and legends have a basis in reality, but this week, the Marine Corps is admitting that this one does. Major Brent Hoffner has announced that authorities on Camp Pendleton and Lejeune have had to launch nearly three dozen rescue efforts since 2017, because they lost their Lieutenants. The problem is only magnified when factoring in activities in the Middle East and other installations around the world. The cost of searches has come under fire as the DOD has been asked to find ways to save. Rather than invent a new technology, Department of the Navy officials teamed up with Project Lifesaver to save time and money.
     Project Lifesaver is an international organization that specializes in providing GPS monitoring of cognitively impaired individuals that are at high risk for wandering and getting lost. To date, they’ve been responsible for more than three-thousand saved lives and provide peace of mind to tens of thousands more. The program is traditionally monitored by sheriff’s offices and is available in most jurisdictions through the US. They also have alternative tracking and alert options for families/facilities that are wary of police monitoring. They said that base commanders would be monitoring the program for the sake of OPSEC.
     The erstwhile agencies are eager to get tracking bracelets issued and onto the wrists of young officers. OPM and budgeting experts report that they expect to save more than 3.4 million dollars this year, with this single change. Project Lifesaver reps say they are excited to have scored such a big contract, because word of mouth and success stories will raise confidence and help get more demented seniors and special needs children into the program.
     While no official statistics into dementia and Alzheimer’s wandering exist, the estimates suggest more than sixty percent of patients do wander. As more than three million baby boomers continue to age, we’re looking at hundreds of thousands of potential lost elderly.
If the Marines can put a good face on this program and tell more people about its benefit, hopefully, we can use that to educate caregivers and start saving more lives.
NOTE: This article is satire, but Project Lifesaver is a real thing and the statistics about wandering seniors are accurate. If you or someone you know are a caregiver to a wandering family member, please look into this.
Article written by: DV SpookyCat; She doesn't purr but she will tell you if you're an asshole.

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