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Is It Time For Eight Teams?

Marquis Davis      Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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Many things that come across my news feed daily, many include political articles, memes, or just necessary lifestyle informational bits that I do not care to read.

     Today was a typical day until I realized that Clemson won the National Championship against Alabama *spoiler* 44-16. Now, why does this bother me so much? I, myself, am a University of Georgia fan so I should be happy that someone beat Alabama FINALLY! Well, I am not. What does this mean for the construct of the College Football National Championship Playoffs (CFP)? Since the inception of the CFP in 2014, there have been five Championship games four have included Alabama, three have been Alabama/Clemson. Is there no fairness within the ranks of the CFP? Well no, it is about power and the ability to dominate your opponents on the gridiron.

     There was once a time where Bowl Games mattered; I said it BOWL GAMES MATTERED! Now they are just money grubbing glorified exhibition games. The CFP has allowed the strong to play mediocre schedules and come out on top. Let us look at the University of Central Florida (UCF), last year they went undefeated, ranked 12 in the Nation, and were not invited to play in the CFP. Though they were a ranked team, their conference deemed weak and inefficient to hang with the big boys whereas Alabama lost one game and went on to win the CFP over the University of Georgia. UCF proceeded to beat Auburn in the Peach Bowl 34-27. This led to UCF winning 25 consecutive games and eventually losing to LSU during the Fiesta Bowl this year; so why the snub from the CFP? Well, it is simple they do not attract the big bucks, the old dolla, dolla, bill ya’ll, that is what this equates to.

     So what does this all mean? When the CFP was first proposed, I was thrilled with the thought of more teams being able to play for the National Championship and having the best teams compete. Now we have the same programs playing every year, and with that, they get the better recruits year after year. If you were a 5-Star quarterback, would you play for Rutgers or Alabama? This is your future here, potentially playing for a National Championship or winning two games all season. Your NFL hopes and dreams weigh on this decision! Now this means that for another year, Alabama stacks up on top recruits to strengthen their football team whereas Rutgers can only recruit JV High school Football team members. There is no winning for the real underdogs in college football.

     When teams that win 25 consecutive games are not included within the CFP, the entire system seems like a farce. It looks like a system that is in place to not allow every school the opportunity to play for a National Championship but for the elite to continue to be elite. I admit that watching UCF play Alabama would have been terrible. However, to not give them a chance is egregious. The College Football Playoffs is not about winning record it is about how many people can we put in the seats and how many eyes will watch on television. An eight-team playoff is the way to go.


Article written by: Marquis Davis; residential black man whom uses words that most folk have no clue the meaning to.

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