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FB Zucks DV…. Again!

Bo Nur Wood      Thursday, September 26, 2019

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Today, at approximately 1500/3PM eastern time, the Dysfunctional Veterans “DV” Facebook page was unpublished.

     In an age where social media rules and your feelings come before freedom, Facebook is Big Brother. Starting out as nothing more than a socializing network to bring college students together after they graduate and to keep them in touch; Facebook has grown over the last decade and a half into a reported estimated $138.3 billion company in 2018. (As reported by GoBankingRates.)

     You would believe, being worth that much and having just under two-billion monthly active users, they would want to make it as user friendly as possible when it comes to posting. But as the last three years have shown us, this is further from the truth than we ever realized. Up until the campaign and election of 2016 Facebook seemed to have no political agenda other than cracking down on false news stories and advertisements. Aside from pornography, this is completely understandable. When you have the amount of users as Facebook does using your platform well, you want to make sure that they’re truly informed… or do you?
     As the election commenced, many Facebook pages were shutdown while others were outright censored. Most of that night was filled with memes joking about the candidates during their race to take the United States Presidency of the next four years. Dysfunctional Veterans played a HUGE role in that night. (Our reach surpassed 70 million… that give you an idea of how that night played out in terms of reach?) From Hillary to Trump and even those that weren’t even a spec on the radar, we made fun of them. We’re a humor page and that’s what we do, we are unprofessional comedians living our lives and wanting to put a smile on our brothers & sisters faces.
     Fast-forward eight hours after the election, DV6 (Michael Rivers) is banned for a sexually explicit post but, was it a sexually explicit post? In fact, it wasn’t even close to what anyone (in their right fucking mind) would even consider “sexually explicit” because why? It was poking fun at Hillary crying that she had lost the election. No breasts. No vagina. No penis. No gaping butthole. Not even two girls, one cup was involved. It was just a “portrait” of Hillary Clinton with a resting bitch, but sad, face. (Insert your jokes here.)
     So why was DV6 banned for a non-sexual photo that was labeled as a sexual photo? As we further our time throughout the current President term there seems to be a pattern; With every meme that is thrown all over Facebook, Dysfunctional Veterans is either banned (The poster and/or owner of the Facebook page as Facebook changed their policies overnight) or the post is taken down while notifying the Moderators that a post had went against their Community Standards (Their latest “Recidivism” as Facebook calls it, can be found here.) but Facebook has started showing no post when telling us a post had been taken down or went against their CS. But why?!
     This has been the question none of us can actually prove. If you go by their current practices without and don’t read why they ban or take away posts, you start to see a revolving door. From Conservatives that only voice their opinion to Veterans and Domestic Violence charities, organizations and non-profits being silenced because they don’t agree with a certain narrative. Now, can we prove this without a doubt? No. Is there evidence to support this thought-process? Definitely.
     If you look at the most of the pages that have been taken down most of them really done nothing to violate any Community Standards whatsoever. Did they skirt the rail? I’m sure they did, but does that constitute a violation? It’s like driving 0.5 MPH over the posted speed limit. Did you break the law? Do you deserve a ticket? (This is just a metaphor you “law students” that got your degree from Law & Order. Calm your lactiferous ducts.)

     At 1719/5:19 PM eastern, DV6 and Bo Nur Wood went live on Veteran Humor and the Dysfunctional Veterans group on Facebook to make all those unaware, aware, that Facebook had dropped the metaphorical ban hammer on us, once again. The video cut out shortly before he was able to finish on the Veteran Humor Facebook page but we were able to let everyone know what was going on.



     So is it censorship? Is it targeted censorship? Does Facebook go by a narrative in any way, shape or form? Are/Have they shot themselves in the foot by censoring as well as catering to sand-filled vaginas and trying to make the internet a “safe place”? Wouldn’t it be better, for all of social media, if the user policed themselves instead of having Big Brother do it for them? We cry when the government wants to take away something but we cry when they don’t cater to our feelings of sadness when someone uses their freedoms in the Constitution. America: Where you cannot have your cake and eat it too… Unless you conform to the narrative of the Sith Lord.

You can join and follow Veteran Humor on Facebook here. If you’re a Veteran or currently serving in the Military, please feel free to join the closed group on Facebook. For more on where to find Dysfunctional Veterans, DV Radio and the DV Farm, hit the link provided below.


Article written by: DV Bo Nur Wood - C.O.O., host and back-door cripple for DV Radio, LLC.

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