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Some people ask things they already know the answer to just to make us pull our pubic hairs out, here's some of those things.

Is this a news site?

Define news. Short answer, no. Long answer; we will write articles and pieces about issues concerning and pertaining to the Veteran, Active/Reserve Service Member, and Caregiver communities that impact those previously stated. Also here at DVR Thoughts, we're staying away from "right/left" wing politics. This DOES NOT MEAN things written about will NOT have something political within them however, we will not spew "Look at these idiots!" or "They're the cause of why the country is this way." type of political rhetoric. We're trying to stay positive, serious and have some humor mixed in with everything. We hope you find the things useful that were written to help you and find the other things funny, idiotic, etc. pertaining to what they're about.


I want to be an affiliate, partner or sponsor for what you do at DV Radio & DVR Thoughts. How can I do that?

If you're a company, organization or someone who wants to helps us continue doing what we do then PLEASE fill out the contact form here. We try to answer e-mails within 48-hours but sometimes it isn't possible so please do give us at least seven to ten days for the first reply. We do not make any profits from DV Radio or DVR Thoughts. We rely on donations from the community to help cover costs that our sponsors [whom are amazing people and companies. We cannot thank them enough!!] cannot cover alone. Even a dollar helps if you're able to do so. If not, share and spread the word about the podcast and anything DV related!


Are any of you actually journalists?

Again, define "journalist". In today's world, Joe Schmo in his mom's basement that has a blog with the reach of 1,584 people is a self-proclaimed journalist. No, we are not journalist. This is just a place for you to see what goes on in our [Mods, hosts, etc.] brains throughout the day with what's going on in the country and sometimes, the world. No one here claims to be a journalist and until someone goes to journalism school, we're not planning on calling ourselves that either.


What here is true and opinion, shouldn't you make that clear?!

This is a very good question. Most of the articles and pieces you read will be nothing but an opinion of the author whom wrote it. With that in mind, there will be occasional pieces that have truth mixed with opinion and we try our best to identify them for you. There may also be articles written where we've interviewed someone, dedicated an article to someone/some place, and many other reasons and again, we will identify those articles for you as much as possible.


Can I trust the resources you cite?

Understandably any person coming to an "article" site is going to have questions about resources. We have vetted each resource to the best of our ability and we use them everyday through moderating Dysfunctional Veterans, DV Radio, DV Farm, DV Barracks and many other places our DV Mods are. With that thought process, you are free to use these resources at your discretion. We do not push you to do something you're not fond of or do not trust. Any third-party links on any website anyone should always be cautious of but we do try to make sure the resources we throw into your toolbox are of the best there is.


Are these real people.. I mean, they act like two-year-olds in most articles.

We are. Two-year-olds I mean. Look, we aren't professionals and never claimed to be. Some of us have extensive educations while others have just a high school diploma but you know what? We don't give a damn. Either you find what we write entertaining or you keep scrolling. That's the best thing about the internet, you can love it or hate it. If it does not interfere with your day-to-day life then just let it be like dust in the wind. [That's a really good song.]


Can I write for DVR Thoughts??

Currently we are not looking for any writers. However, if we ever need more writers, researchers, photographers or anything thereof we will certainly let the entire DV Community know first.

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