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Dysfunctional Veterans Banned From Facebook

From Your Sexy Beast Authors      Thursday, June 13, 2019

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     As many of you know in the recent few days, the Dysfunctional Veterans Facebook page was unpublished by Facebook. Their exact reasoning is, “Your Page has been unpublished for the unauthorized sale of firearms or explosives, which goes against the Facebook Community Standards and Facebook Commerce Policies. These policies help us keep our community safe and respectful. If you think this has been done in error, you can appeal and we'll take another look.”
     Sounds simple enough, right? Well the fact that Dysfunctional Veterans looked into the giveaway of an AR-15 along with the licensed company supplying the firearm, checked with legal, and then made sure that Facebook’s standards and policies weren’t being overstepped. So what’s the problem?
     In all honesty, it’s a double-standard. Dysfunctional Veterans has had every last one of their ads, no matter what the product, be accepted then deemed “Too political” to run on Facebook thus, you will not see many paid ads by Dysfunctional Veterans for their products because of this. Examples? Shirts like Leave Me Alone, Does Not Play Well With Others, I’m Too Old For This Shit and many others. [You can find all of these and more at]
     Is it censorship or is it because it’s a private company trying to save their own business model? Facebook claims to be for free speech, to not cater to any particular group, and to be fair throughout its platform. However they have shown otherwise when it has come to many groups and organizations and Dysfunctional Veterans has been on the brunt of it since it began. From memes that you can find on just about every page and Dysfunctional Veterans being told it goes against their guidelines to ads being deemed “too political” by Facebook it shows [clearly] that they’re very much catering to their own narrative and other groups. The last thing on Facebook’s mind, at this point in time, is helping “the little guy” and they’re all about catering to those that help them with their own agenda.
     DV6, Michael Rivers, said “We do try to stay within Facebook’s guidelines, they just make them up as we go along. One day it’s fine to show a meme and the next day it’s violating community standards. We cannot stay ahead.” Some say that it is on you, the company, to be on top of every last detail, law, restriction, and any other decree set by said entity. But how, pray tell, do you keep up with rules that change after the fact? A great example of this is YouTube and demonitizing as well as deleting channels such as Steven Crowder then, after backlash, releasing they have updated their policies.
     Being Veterans, we understand “Free Speech” more than anyone that is on the outside looking. Many people continue to say, “It’s a private company. You should expect this.” DV6 and Bo have discussed this and came to the same conclusion; If your phone company found out you were eating a certain company’s meat, you were pro-life, you said “Fuck” or a number of other things and they didn’t like it then disconnected your phone service, would you still feel the same? It’s a private company, you should expect this. Would that still be what you would say? No. You’d be outraged.
     What is even sadder is there are a few groups, Veteran groups, that are so happy and touting how they knew Dysfunctional Veterans was “Going to go down!” But what they fail to understand is that they’re next. They think that because their virtual footprint is so low or isn’t as impactful that they can continue to push boundaries and they’ll be the next “DV” but that is so far from the truth. Dysfunctional Veterans doesn’t set out to break rules or see if we can get away with something. In fact, we want to make sure we follow anyone’s platform rules and guidelines. The problem with that is when you do and you do good you get punished. “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” is what comes to mind.
     Dysfunctional Veterans Mod Team doesn’t tout the people they help from joining the 22 A Day [still a number that is very askew] nor do they brag about all of the good they’ve done. With DV Farm, we’ve helped Veterans go from homeless, addicted problem children to being able to function, seeing their families after not having contact for years and being able to reenter the real world knowing they still have a purpose.
     DV Radio highlights Veteran Owned Businesses/Nonprofits/Organizations and those that help Veterans and their families. On top of that, it’s a free platform for any Veteran ran audio/video show that wants somewhere for others to hear/see it. Nothing is censored other than blatant racism, suicidal encouragement and bashing of those not in the main stream media.
     Dysfunctional Veterans has appealed the unpublishing of their Facebook page but they’ve yet to hear anything from Facebook as of this article being written. What are your thoughts on the unpublishing of Dysfunctional Veterans? Is censorship going too far and is it helping anyone at the end of the day? Let us know either in the comment section where you found this article or by contacting us via
     If you’d like to help continue DV Radio, please consider joining Patreon for just one dollar a month or, if you’re able to give extra, more.




Article written by: Your Sexy Beast Authors

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