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Dysfunctional Veterans Against Domestic Violence

Bo      Monday, July 27, 2020

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Child molestation, child rape, child sex trafficking, child abuse and neglect, sexual misconduct in the workplace, Military Sexual Trauma (MST), domestic violence, mental and emotional abuse, verbal abuse; these are the things that we make a mockery of when it comes up in the news or we go, “That’s disgusting!!” then, fifteen seconds later, we’ve forgotten about it.


        Over the past year (or so), we’ve discussed and pitched to you all about “DV Against DV” (Dysfunctional Veterans Against Domestic Violence). It’s also going to be the last show that I (Bo) am highly involved to the extent that I will be. Ten years ago, I lost my best friend, my sister, my better half… While we were qualifying on the shooting range in Camp Shelby, Mississippi, I received a text while we awaited our line’s turn to go up. The text simply read, “Deonna died.” My heart fell, my stomach turned, and I could feel my skin change right then and there. Later on, I found out what (exactly) happened. She was shot and killed by her (then) husband who lured her to an undisclosed location prior to him being able to see the kids. She was murdered, the cops shot him when they arrived at the scene, and was put into jail. He’s living life while my best friend and her kids’ lives stopped at that very moment on that evening. (We will discuss this in further detail later in the show itself.)


     This isn’t the only thing I’ve dealt with when it comes to domestic violence or any of the aforementioned that began this article. No. Far from it. After joining “Dysfunctional Veterans” and then, taking over “DV Radio” not long after, myself and Recoil were talking about these exact things. We were describing to one another what types of shows we should do and bring to DV Radio. This was one of those shows. We have been adamant about making this show for five years and during a pre-show one evening, Recoil and I were discussing Jenn (Warrior Talk Radio) and I gave him her backstory as Recoil is like a father to me, so I knew she’d be okay with me giving certain details. After he and DV6 heard what I had to say, they agreed we needed to follow through with this show.


     As we sat there contemplating the attack, whom would host it, and various other things DV6 spoke up and said, “DV Against DV” and that’s when Recoil and myself (simultaneously) said, “YES! That’s the name.” We told Jenn about this that night and she was damn near in tears knowing that we aren’t going to sit back any longer. After a lot of circumstances beyond our control, we’re going to begin production soon. But what should you expect in this show?


     First and foremost, we’re DV Radio. If you’re new to us, you’re going to be taken aback by how we do NOT censor ourselves, at all. The same is going to be the same for “DV Against DV” but not in a distasteful manner. We will attack all of the issues (and more) that began this article and we will also have guests on from every walk of life that have dealt with these on some basis. Personal stories to how people make it a point to stop some of these things because (and we all can attest) everyone turns a blind-eye to these disgusting, disheartening issues and situations.


     This show is going to be something that has never been done before, ever. We’re going to go into detail and depth about whatever that episode’s topic is centered around at that time. If it’s about rape, we’ll talk about rape. If it’s about domestic violence, it might involve hearing grim details that will make you grit your teeth and want to turn the show off, we promise. We do NOT apologize for anything that this show brings up in fact, we hope it makes you and everyone else uncomfortable. All of this is highly personal to all of us under the “DV” umbrella for various reasons and some of us have one-on-one relations and experiences with just as many.


     Every day individuals, psychologists, doctors, law enforcement, the list is not going to end because we’re going to do this until something changes and things turn around. I could sit here, in this article, and discuss statistics and the occurrences revolving around these situations but that is not what this article is about, it’s about telling you what we’re about to do at DV Radio.

     Most of you know that we cannot monetize anything on any social media platform because…… “DV”. Furthermore, all of the topics we’ll be discussing are, in some way, censored and held back via algorithms on almost all social media platforms barring SayScape which we hope to make our “go to” starting very soon. All we ask, if you’re not a Patreon member or cannot purchase DV Radio merchandise from the DV Radio Store, is to help by sharing our podcasts as well as posts. For this show as well as all others, it helps us to reach more out there in the world. “My one share won’t matter, someone else will do it.” Trust me, it matters. There might be someone sitting there while going through their news feed that sees an episode (either this or another) and it sparks interest which then, might actually help us with the mission we have.


     Like, love or hate us – we’re not changing our tactics or how we speak. We may have to move on to another platform with podcasting and live shows if powers that be try to silence us and you know what? That’s perfectly fine. We’ve fought Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MeWe and so many more over the last decade and if they want to silence us over this show – They better be thinking long and hard on how they do it because, and we can guarantee it, ourselves and most of our listeners will NOT go down without a fight.


     Please, if you’re someone that has been affected by any of the issues or circumstances mentioned in this article, reach-out to law enforcement, doctors, or any local resources so it does NOT continue. If you’d like to be a part of the show and share your story, please contact us at subject the email “DV Against DV: Guest Story” (Or add what you’d like to come on for). Dysfunctional Veterans makes dark humor jokes and material however, we’re more than AGAINST Domestic Violence and if we can make one change, save one woman or man or child’s life because of it – you best damn believe we’re going to do it as though it’s our last show.


Article written by: DV Bo Nur Wood - C.O.O., host and back-door cripple for DV Radio, LLC.

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