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DV VetChick: An Introduction

DV VetChick      Sunday, December 30, 2018

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Hey, I'm DV Vetchick and this is who I am at the moment - we all change at times and I sometimes do it out of sheer bloody-mindedness.

     I was in the Navy for 6 years and worked in security, intel and anti-submarine warfare. What with one thing and another, I got a little bunged up both physically and mentally. When I got out, I ended up in western South Dakota and went to college with the plan of being a social worker but that didn't work out. Seems when it comes to civilians, I “have problems with authority” as they said OR problems with assholes and bureaucratic stupidity, as I say. I did it for a while but it just wasn't for me, perhaps I will write more about that another time.

     I worked my way through college in a variety of fields but the most common were construction, when the world was not a stock set for a piece on nuclear winter, and bar tending (and sometimes bouncing), when it was white outside because I prefer my ice in drinks rather than being in ice myself.

     When the social work gig fizzled, I went back to construction and stuck with that for the better part of 15 years. Being a female in the building industry was not a lot different from being in the Navy; mostly men in the business, we were expected to produce and get things done. I made it up to construction superintendent and project manager before things started to go sideways.

     Between having cancer at the same time I found myself homeless and living in the Black Hills National Forest for the better part of a year, I had my hands full and my wallet empty. Eventually, as my life circled the bowl, it occurred to me and the VA more or less simultaneously that I might be a bit bugsputz, barmy, batshit etc. You know, nuts. That's when THEY told ME that I shouldn't work anymore, there was some concern that I might damage some of those delicate civilian creatures.
     Assorted other things happened, I met my best friend, heart sister and heterosexual lifemate (yes, just like Jay and Silent Bob), Moon. We went on to build our odd little family made up of several other human critters and an ever changing collection of inhuman critters. The most important to me is, her ladyship Doofus the Dogfaced, Service Dog and butt pain extraordinaire.

     A while back I had some rather serious contretemps with the VA about my psych meds which had me sliding toward the abyss at an increasingly rapid rate. About the time, things became critical I found DV Radio and then the Dysfunctional Veterans Facebook page. Yes, I know, everyone else did it the other way around, go figure. That little show on every Saturday night became my lifeline literally. Bo and DV6 and the gang saved my life certainly and what passes for my sanity. About a year ago, I became a Mod on the page and currently spend various hours between here and now trying to help others the way the DV Community helped me.

     Finally, in the interests of full-disclosure, I now admit to being, in no particular order, an artist, photographer and writer, a born again smartass, a sarcastic old biker broad, an inveterate punster and in no particular order. I'm not sure where this writing gig is going to go but as the surgeon said to the Bishop, “I dunno, let's operate and find out.


Article written by: DV VetChick; She might be a hippie but she kicks ass and gets mushy with doggies!



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