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Censorship: Is It Helping?

From Your Sexy Beast Authors      Thursday, June 13, 2019

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The following article was written by more than one individual. What you may read is not from one person in particular and is many thoughts culminated into one article. Make your own choices as to what you think censorship is and should be.


     In recent years throughout the nation, we’ve seen an influx of “censoring” in many forms. Blame it on the advent of technology, the fact that more people are speaking out due to social platforms, in doesn’t matter. The matter of the fact is that more and more rules, regulations, laws, censoring, and subject matters of the like are being pushed daily. Things that were once seen as fun comments are now deemed “hate speech.” Products that were once able to be shrugged off are now viewed as “too political” and some companies won’t allow you to sell them via their platform. The list is never-ending and grows every single minute.


     How do you combat something that is catering to a small majority? By small majority, we’re talking about numbers that don’t even reach 10% of the national population [much-less] that of the entire world. So why must we make rules for the one that takes rights from the many presently and in the future? Is it fair? Is constitutional? Or is it because we’re afraid? No matter what world you live in, there has to be a rule set. It’s human nature to want to break those rules and push the boundaries as close to the breaking point as possible. But without any rule-set, you’d have anarchy galore. Even in societies where they’re not even using technology as simple as an ink pen or running water, they have rules. At what barrier is too far though?


     In recent years, many blame racism and “gender hating” among other reasons for why we “need” certain laws passed throughout the country. America has taken down monuments because, in main stream media, it looks like as soon as you walk out of your front door someone is “upset” because the statue of a General from over a hundred, some instances two hundred, years ago is sitting in the middle of town and that “entices” violence. But does it? Do you go beat up the first person that doesn’t agree with you about politics or the color of your skin or, even your sexual orientation? I’m guessing you don’t. Penn Jillette said it best when asked “Without god, what’s to stop you from raping all you want?” Penn Jillette responded, “I do rape all I want. And that amount I want is zero. And I do murder all I want, and that amount is zero.” Although it was a religious question and answer, it still rings true to every day life.


     Perhaps, in my own measured dissent, I support businesses’ rights to make business decisions based on their own moral compass or their skewed perception of ethics. Let the free market punish or reward them. To me, that is what freedom looks like. This goes for social media, bakers, pizza joints, publishers, and more. Yesterday, I saw a comment that using a censoring platform to complain about it is a “weird flex” and I tend to agree. If you want to show these businesses that you disagree with their business model, join their competition.


     As Veterans, we understand the value of freedom. We [literally] fought for that right. We signed a piece of paper that, in a sense, said “I’m going to fight for your right to do, say, think, practice, move, walk, etc. whatever you want.” But is it being taken for granted? Are those freedoms being pushed beyond what their meaning is?


     Although I feel strongly about censorship, I also understand that social medias are a private company, and that they can make their own rules about the use of their platform. That being said; social medias has been moving the goalposts, changing their rules to suit their own agenda. They seem to enjoy enforcing an unpublished and unfathomable set of rules and telling the people whose presence on their platform is stifled due to their biased actions to shove it. Facebook makes a LOT of money by controlling the narrative, and that control, in part, guarantees their continued success.


     There was a time in our not too distant history where disagreement was valued. We used to have debate teams in High School where you were given a subject ahead of time but were only informed at the time of the debate which side your team would argue. You were required to understand a subject past “I feel.”


     Those days are long gone. Now we bow down to a party and never question if the subject we are supporting is even the position we take. The hypocrisy is comical. It isn’t funny, it is like a Greek Tragedy comical. If we disagree with someone, we now use hurtful words that have no bearing on the subject to just shut-down the discussion. If we have the slightest bit of power we wield it to shut-off the other side’s access to speak. On Facebook we ban people from pages, we shutdown pages. On “News” we don’t report a subject and open it up for debate among the viewers, we purport opinion as news. We hold people like Tucker Carlson and Rachelle Maddow as news anchors when all they are editorialists.

     If our Party says “We believe in these freedoms” and in the next breath they say “We need to restrict this freedom (insert specific issue)” we nod our heads and say “Yeah, we need to agree.” We shutdown any descent and attack personal attributes because we don’t understand the subjects, we only have a team to cheer for.

     So, fuck all of you Zuckerbergs. You are entitled to your political views and I have fought for them, and will again. But shutting down and censoring social media pages or silencing a person/group outside of social medias you don’t agree with means you have a small dick/sand in your vagina and (an) even smaller brain. And that is a well-researched position beyond debate.


     At the end of the day, does censorship help anyone? Censoring “curse words” although there are no real “curse words” except those made into a curse word in our own minds, making shows “PG” for all to view, making a law to allow one to enter a restroom while others cannot, we could go on for days ---- regulations, censoring, all of that hurts everyone at the end of the day. With one law made, you take the rights of the many.





Article written by: Your Sexy Beast Authors

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