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DV Tinman

Not only is DV Tinman one of your Dysfunctional Veterans Moderators, he is also a Navy Veteran. He likes long ball tickiling on the mountaintop just as the sun is setting. Tinman can have a sense of humor and he will tell you if you're being a dick. No, he doesn't beat around the bush either! He lives with a few gerbils and, from time-to-time, likes to bring outs his Navy BDSM days.

DV SpookyCat

She doesn't always drag her feet but when she does, it's when an introduction is in order. Excuses for DV SpookyCat may include;  I'm fucking tired, It's not even light outisde, There's dew on the grass! [She may also say you're just being a dick.] All-in-all, SpookyCat is just like the rest of the female staff, she kicks ass and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Oh, and cats... that's still a thing.

PTSDog [A.k.a. Joaquin Juatai]

Joaquin is our residential Service Dog/Animal expert. Literally. He also served in the Navy and thinks that he's an "author" for some reason. [Something about his book, PTSDog: Post Traumatic Stress disorder and the Service Dog. JJ [we like to make him feel special] is also a disabled Veteran, photographer [you've seen his work in PlayGirl], has his own show [Service Dog Show with PTSDog], and he dabs in the occasional video game.

Bo Nur Wood

Not only is Bo C.O.O., host and back-door cripple for DV Radio, LLC., he's also a huge nerd. And by "nerd" we mean that he has a ear bleeding laugh while wearing a pocket protector [when he DOES wear clothes and that's very rare]. Bo was a cook when he served and probably could've used a few pounds. Well, he's making up for that now while he takes Prednisone for his Crohn's and laughs at those that called him a twig growing up!

DV Fox

She's beaten everything life has thrown at her and she still laughs at her farts (dude, she'll make you gag!). We must disclose that she was also an Air Force Load Toad and now she has followed in her grandfather's strokes to pursue The Joy Of Painting with Fox Ross.

[NO LONGER WITH DV, DV Radio, DV Farm, or DVR Thoughts] VetChick

No, you may not ask for her numberr, the bar she tended or if she likes the smell of hay. She might be a little loony but we need a few more tunes in the background to make this giant machine work. Also, she might hand you a flower while saying, "Go fuck yourself." and not bat an eyelash. All with a smile on her face. There is also time for cuddling with furry animals when people are too annoying which is, 99% of the time.

Marquis Davis

This guy is the one you probably question, because he is shorter than he sounds and wears glasses. Marquis claims to be a Veteran Army Artillery dude that got sand in his M4 then, blamed the Iraqi hedgehogs for his shaving profile. Once in a while he says something smart and intelligent. This, this is why we love Marquis.


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Today, at approximately 1500/3PM eastern time, the Dysfunctional Veterans “DV” Facebook page was unpublished.

Bo Nur Wood Thursday, September 26, 2019

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P.A.O. Twatwaffle - Area 51 Raid

The U.S. Air Force responded back in July and stated, “Any attempt to illegally access the area is highly discouraged.” Hosts of the event have a plan though! “If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens."

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