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Alternative/Complimentary Medicines: Fact OR Fiction?

Bo Nur Wood      Thursday, January 10, 2019

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Since the dawn of mankind, humans have made wonderful claims and just as many equally absurd medical claims.


There are three links below to a very awesome YouTuber. I highly recommend you watch!


     What is “alternative” and “complimentary” medicines? Alternative medicine is just that; it’s an uncommon medicine for the Western world and anything that has not been verified by science. From acupuncture to chiropractic and even the occasional hypnosis they’re all alternative medicines. [There’s a huge list but these are the most common and what you’re more than likely familiar with.] Complimentary medicines are “treatments” that are used alongside proven, verified medical science. Yes, that includes all of the aforementioned. Why they call it that, I haven’t a clue. They even give psycho killers a name, they’re called “Mentally Challenged” or “Deeply, Mentally Challenged”. Something like that.


     I’m a huge skeptic while also being very open-minded to almost anything. Unless you’re some guy from the 13th and 14th century telling me that rubbing cow manure in my eyes will cure my blindness. I’ve had a ton of REAL medicine from Prednisone [currently and have been taking it for the last, going on, nine years], pain narcotics, biologics and much more. I’ve also dabbed in the occasional alternative medicines from time-to-time. Do I believe all of them work? No. Are a majority of them placebos? Yes.


     Someone once told me that a chiropractor would fix ALL of my problems. They were DEAD serious. There’s also a YouTube video [link below] where some kids claim that this chiropractor SAVED THEIR LIVES! First-off, it’s never been proven by science. Ever. Despite what you think or have read and been told about health insurance, it doesn’t always go by proof. Don’t believe me? Look at acupuncture which is also an alternative medicine but you will have a hard time finding ANY health insurance company covering it. Why? Their answer is it isn’t proven. Well, neither are a tenth of the things they DO cover. So contradicting themselves, being hypocritical assholes and not giving a damn about your wallet is their main business.


     Hypnosis, chiropractic services, any homeopathy medicines, naturopathy [it’s a real fucking medicine], that medicine where you touch parts of the body and does something to your organs… reflexology! Man, the list is never-mother-fucking-ENDING! From diets to building muscle to a simple cold and naturally getting rid of gallstones. Look, if it sounds too good and easy to be true, it is too good and easy to be true. Simple as that. I don’t knock ANYTHING until I know more about it. Honestly. I used to think that opening a knife then letting someone else close it was horrible fucking luck. [Yes, that’s a real wives tale, look it up.] And not paying someone something monetary for a knife, bad fucking luck as well. it’s more of a tradition now. So is NOT thanking someone that gives you flowers. I don’t do that and tell others not to thank me. Again, it’s more traditional now than it is, “I’m going to get struck by a fat woman trying to sing a capella while eating the entire buffet at Golden Corral.


     There was an E-6 I became really good and personal friends with that I deployed to Iraq with. He had this salve that sounded crazy and was made by a modern day witch, no joke. I have horrible knees and broken various bones so you can imagine the joint paint [especially now with the Crohn’s] so he gave me a container. It actually fucking worked. Not a god damn placebo either. That reminds me, I need to hit Duck up sometime soon and get some more of that. Anyway, I digress, my point is that you shouldn’t go head strong into something nor should you discount it right away. Do your research and, if it isn’t entering your body or seem to cause harm to your body, try it out.


     The worst that can happen [if you follow the rules above] is that it doesn’t work. Also, don’t spend heaps of money. Your wife or husband will find out that that trip to Las Vegas was actually a trip to the Mexican Cartel’s Black Market of Organs, Toe Nails, Hookers and Blow.

     So, a small happening I discovered whilst fetching the YouTube video I mentioned up there so long ago...... They were fucking deleted!! Imagine that. But NEVER FEAR!! Bo Nur Wood never leaves without pleasuring you first, amiright?! So I give you three links, to a video each, to an even BETTER person amongst YouTube whom I fucking love! His name is Leon Lush and you'll see why I know you will fucking love this crazy mother fucker. Yeah, I cursed a lot here... Lettuce Mayonnaise And Onions. [First person to tell me where that comes from and I'll give you something.... free, on me, of my choosing. I hold up to my word.]


Click Here For Video Number One Of Dumb-ass Kids Claiming They're Dying


Click Here For Video Number Four Of Dumb-ass Kids Repsonding To The Uproar That They're Frauds Because That's How Kids Get Your Attention


Click Here For Video Number Three Of Dumb-ass Kids Claiming They're Not Dying And Were Healed By A Dude That Pops Your Back And Gets Hundreds Of Dollars Per Patient


*Why didn't I take what I learned from popping backs in high school and apply it to the real fucking world?!*


Article written by: DV Bo Nur Wood - C.O.O., host and back-door cripple for DV Radio, LLC.


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